Thank You For Your Support

To our current and future customers, Thank You for your business. We hope you have/will enjoy this little spread of culinary heaven.

  • Vanessa C. <> Outdoor Perezntations

    Absolutely delicious! The consistency of the Guava Passion Jam was perfect! It was everything I ever wanted and needed for my pastries! This beats the store bought canned guava any day. 10 out of 10 we highly recommend.

  • L. Alexander <> Flour House Cakes

    Outstanding!! Roper's Way Farm curates some of the most delicious tasting jams and jellies! So much flavor is packed into each unique jar. The aroma of each preserve offers vibrant flavor, blend, texture, and richness that complements any cheese, crackers, breads, and pastries. You can't go wrong with any of the flavors. 
  • Pamela P.

    Roper's Way Jams will be all the Way your way, sweet, taste and Oh soo good. If you look at my Jars, LOL they are Empty. Need Some More